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2004 photos

2001-2003 Photos

1999-2000 Photos

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Kerry and one of his college coaches 
and mentors, Hachiro Oishi.

Kerry and long time friend 
and training partner, Dominic Black.

Brandon Slay (US Olympian 167.5 lbs) 
and Kerry at the opening ceremony 
for the NBC Summer Challenge.

Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, Kerry 
and Aaron Simpson at the opening ceremony 
of the NBC Summer Challenge.

Kevin Shippos, PSU heavyweight and training partner, and Kerry at the 
Olympic Training Center in 
Colorado Springs during the first 
Olympic training camp.

Matt Calabretta, Jeff Cleaver, Kerry, 
and Brett Calabretta at the 
2000 PSU Wrestling Golf Classic.

Joe Bastardi and his son Garrett.  Joe designed his  weight lifting  program.

Eric Albarracin, a good friend and former roommate at the Olympic Training Center.

Jean Celestin, Kerry, and Nate Parker.  Jean and Nate were like his little brothers at Penn State.

Kerry, Airron Richardson, and Bruce Baumgartner at Bruce's Heavyweight Camp